Flying High

Ride Big Rock Amusements' high flying Yo-Yo - a giant swinging sensation!

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Fun for All Ages

Big Rock Amusements has something for all ages from our Rio Grande Train to the Sky Wheel

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Family Favorites

Our midways include many favorite classic rides like the Bumper Cars and the Tilt-a-Whirl

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Games Galore!

Test your skill or get your fill at one of our games or food concessions

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Our Gondola Wheel brings a midway tradition of "a ride on the ferris wheel" to life

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Big Rock Amusements
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Alien Abduction

The Alien Abduction is a favorite on the Big Rock Midway.  Riders enter the space ship and stand against the wall.  As the space ship begins to rotate, centrifugal force takes over and riders become plastered to the wall.  Soon, riders slide about 2 feet above the ground for added excitement.


The Extreme has 16 seats on a big pendulum that swings back and forth. The pendulum has an enormous amplitude and can swing up to the range of 130 degrees on each side. In addition, the seats rotate around the pendulum axis. G-force can reach 1.5 do 2.5G.

Fire Ball

New for 2012, the Fire Ball is a high speed looping roller coaster that takes riders 60ft in the air!  Riders are seated in open air cars and secured with a over-the-shoulder safety harness and seat belt.

Giant Wheel

Our Giant Wheel is one of the focal points of our midway and gives riders a birds eye view of the midway and surrounding area.  Each of the gondollas seat up to four passengers.  At night, the wheel lights up with thousands of multi color computer controlled flashing lights for a spectacular light show that can be seen from miles away.


The Himalaya is an exciting thrill ride that spins at 11.5 RPM for exciting big-ride action at a speed which thrills everyone.  TheHimalaya is known for playing loud music while riders ride!

Mardi Gras

The Mardi Gras is a spectacular two story fun house complete with a mirror maze, trick mirrors, hidden staircase, and a spiral slide at the finish.


The Paratrooper gives riders the sensation of parachuting out of the sky.  As the ride begins to rotate, the ride vehicles swing outward as they parachute through the sky.  For an added thrill, the Paratrooper also rotates in reverse.


The Scooter, commonly referred to as the Bumper Cars or Dodgem, is a family favorite on the Big Rock Midway.  Drivers are able to ride around a arena and crash into their friends without any damage or driving tickets!

Sea Ray

The Sea Ray is a spectacular giant swinging ship that swings riders back and forth up to 50' in the air.


The Sizzler is a classic thrill ride that features three spindles with four vehicles on each.  As the center of the ride begins to spin, the spindles also rotate giving riders a sizzling experience!

Sky Wheel

The Sky Wheel is a super spectacular ride that is rarely seen on carnival midways in present day.  The Sky Wheel features two ferris wheel attached to opposite ends of a large boom that rotates in the air.  Many traveling carnivals no longer operate a Sky Wheel due to transportation and maintenance costs.


The Tilt-A-Whirl™ is a large segmented undulating spinning platform with 7 vehicles spread over the surface. Each vehicle spins on its own axis and depending on the weight location of each guest every thrilling ride is unique.


This giant swing ride lifts passengers up off the ground, then swings them out over the crowds.  All while tilting slightly at full speed to give a thrilling "wave" effect while riding.